About Us

Karim and Martha had long been fans of Polish pottery when the opportunity arose  to take over the exclusive Swiss distributorship for the most acclaimed ceramics manufacturer in Poland, Ceramika Artystyczna.
Ceramika Artystyczna is one of four workshops or collectives that produce ceramics in Boleslawiec, Poland and is world-renowned for quality and design. The stoneware is handcrafted and hand decorated by artists using small sponges to stamp each pattern and color individually. Not only do certified Master artists train apprentice artists but they also produce "Unikat" (Unique) or "Signature" (artist signed) pieces. These exquisite pieces are labor-intensive and therefore, limited in supply. Since all of the pieces, both regular and "unikat" are hand crafted, each vary in design, pattern and color. Ceramika Artystyczna was founded in 1950 and has been making award-winning ceramics for over 50 years.
Polish stoneware is beautiful and functional and is designed for everyday use in your kitchen and throughout your home. The pottery comes in a variety of designs and colors, all of which complement each other well. A uniform color palette in the various patterns allows the collector to easily mix and match patterns.
Our goal is to provide premium quality products in a wide variety of choices with individual personalized service. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have about our products, website or service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
You are welcomed and encouraged to visit our showroom. 
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